Our history, in the heart of your home

Our history, in the heart of your home

They are textures, colors, pure and unique designs. It's a whole that lies at the heart of your own moments.
So let us tell you a little bit about us.

Oleka Canvas was born at the same time we built our very first house.

I still remember when we searched (so much searching!),
but we didn't find an affordable product in Quebec that
1. encouraged local artists and 2. allowed us to buy several works in the same place.

In vain I asked myself: Why not create them?

And then, we were already imagining a place to make our canvases, slowly shaping the image of a company
that would have our colors and especially refine every detail to offer what we had never found.
The task would not be easy, we knew that.
Luckily, my father had been in the commercial printing business all his life.

Thus, for our young company, he has been a guide and above all an asset in order to get off to a good start in an industry.
where almost everything was still unknown to us.
It would be a lie to say that the original product was our winning recipe.
On the contrary. Cotton was a real disaster, believe me.
We tried, through trial and error, to design a product that would not only satisfy you, but would satisfy
all the criteria we had set: A material that would be strong, light...
and which could be as much in harmony with your decor as it is with the humidity! (all kidding aside)

Six or seven long months that seemed like an eternity must have gone by to find the right product: the one that seemed to meet all our requirements and to have been the best for us.
which gave the colours a perfect shine: Polyester.
Then, thread by thread, we wove Oleka Canvas as we had originally imagined it, in our own image.

We failed, it's true. We tried, over and over again, we tried for months and months,
but today we are proud to present the fruits of our efforts.
Oleka Canvas, that's right. It goes beyond a canvas on the wall.
It's a philosophy, a family history, heads full of clever ideas, and most importantly,
people, like you and me, who are committed to providing the customer service they deserve.

And our mission, among other things, is a bit like that. To put at your disposal
Designers who will know how to arrange, give you infinite possibilities and among others find the canvas you need. They
will make your home, your home away from home.
So, from our workshop to your home, welcome to our place!

Mathieu, Founder.